Prof. Aarón González

Area VI. Food Microbiology, Food Safety and Regulations.


Dr. Aarón González. Keynote - Speaker Latin Food 2022, Puebla, México - AMECA, AC

Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo, A.C. (CIAD), México.

Research Professor attached to the Laboratory of Chemistry and Biotechnology of Dairy Products and Food Quality, Authenticity and Traceability in the Coordination of Food Technology of Animal Origin of CIAD (2000 to date) where he has developed research in functional foods, science and technology of milk and derivatives and quality, authenticity and traceability of food. For more than 20 years, he has been working to support small producers of artisanal cheeses in Mexico, promoting artisanal cheese making, both in the country and abroad. He has actively participated in different projects with a social impact on the well-being of people, through the feeding programs of the Mexican System for the Family Integral Development (DIF). He is Doctor in Food Sciences (2011) by the National Technological Institute of Mexico-Technological Institute of Veracruz (TecNM-ITV), Master in Sciences in Nutrition and Food (1999) by the Center for Research in Food and Development, A.C., and Biochemical Engineer (1996) by Tec de Monterrey. He is a National Researcher of the National System of Researchers (SNI) Level 3. He has to date more than 100 articles, 15 book chapters, the publication of two books on the subject of functional foods and nutraceuticals, as well as participation in teaching and training of human resources through the direction and co-direction of doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s thesis. From June 2016 to date, he is Head of the CIAD Social Liaison Coordination, where he is responsible for articulating institutional work with regional and national problems, offering a response to the requirements of the social, governmental and productive sectors.