Prof. Nuria Rocha

Area V. Food Product Development and Sensory Evaluation.


Dr. Nuria Rocha. Keynote - Speaker Latin Food 2022, Puebla, México - AMECA, AC

TecNM/ I.T. Durango, México.

Nuria Rocha Guzmán is member of the National System of Researchers, México (SNI III), member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, has a BSc in Biochemistry Engineering and MSc degree in Food Science from Technological Institute of Durango, Mexico. She made a PhD in the “Biological effect of mesquite seed lectins on cervical-uterine cancer cells”. She is Professor-Researcher in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering of the National Technological Institute of Mexico campus Technological Institute of Durango. Member of the Master of Science and Technology of Functional Foods program, Chairman of the TecNM / ITD Research Ethics Committee. Head of the Functional Food Laboratory of the Graduate Unit, Research and Technological Development (UPIDET). Her work interest is associated with the study of Functional Foods and Bioactive Ingredients. Moreover, She yis associate researcher coordinating experimental activities for the nutritional and antinutritional studies of Mezquite pods from Mexico and Africa to be performed at TecNM/ITD. Active promoter of eventual applications of the raw material into value added new products and scientific adviser. Professor Rocha-Guzman has published more than 115 JCR manuscript, she has an h-index of 36 and more than 4411 citations.